Who We Are

The Eastmoor Civic Association is a diverse group of concerned and active residents of the historic neighborhood known as Central Eastmoor.  Our neighborhood is bound by East Broad Street to the North, East Main Street to the South, James Road to the East, and Gould Road to the West. The Association, which meets semi-annually, seeks to engage residents in activities that can assist in improving the lives of those within the neighborhood and to encourage friendships and goodwill among members and neighbors.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Eastmoor Civic Association is to create a safe, clean, and friendly place to live by implementing ideas, events and strategies that are for the good of all residents, businesses and visitors, while maintaining the historical value of the neighborhood.

How We Do It

The Eastmoor Civic Association is a very active civic organization, meeting semi-annually to discuss neighborhood issues and projects, and organizing community activities and annual events.  All residents are encouraged to get involved in our Civic Association. To learn more, click on Events in the menu on the left.


Anyone who lives in or operates a business within the boundaries of the Eastmoor Civic Association is a member.  As a member you are entitled to voting privileges in all ECAB elections and on various issues. In order to assist with the needs of the neighborhood, we encourage everyone to also become Patron Members. A Patron Membership in the ECAB is annual and runs from January 1st to December 31st. Patron Membership annual dues are outlined on our membership page linked here:

      • Patron Membership (One Per Household) | $25 and up
      • Business Membership (One Per Business) | $200
        Includes publicity on this website (please provide logo and a brief written description), at events, and on flyers distributed to new residents

Click here to establish Patron/Business Membership

If you have any questions about membership or would like to verify your current membership status, e-mail Eastmoor Membership eastmoorcab@gmail.com